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100% guaranteed fertile hatching Parrots eggs for sale

  • City: Izmir
  • Country: Turkey
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100% guaranteed fertile hatching Parrots eggs for sale Fresh laid guaranteed fertile tested parrot eggs available for sale at a very moderate price. parrot eggs are all tested by candling and confirmed to be 100% fertile and also we also have chicks. the available species are listed bellow as follows. African greys Parrots: Congo African grey Parrots timneh Grey Parrots Cockatoos: sulphur crested cockatoo lesser sulpuhr crested cockatoo bare eyed cockatoo goffin cockatoo umbrella cockatoo galah cockatoo moluccan cockatoo triton cockatoo Elenora cockatoo Macaws: Hyacinth macaw severe macaw scarlet macaw catalina. military macaw hahns macaw halequin macaw Blue and gold macaws green wing macaws ruby macaw Amamzons: white front amazon blue frong amazon yellow double head amazon orange wing amazon Red lored amazon green cheek amazon yellow head nape amazon Electus: grand Electus parrot solomons island electus parrot You do not have to bother because if this is your first time of wanting to raise birds from hatched eggs, we are very prepared to give to the least of information that will help you get a very successful 1:1 ratio hatch. We normally send them along side sophisticated Rx rechargeable automatic incubators that prevent eggs from shaking or vibrating during transportation. email us now for more detail information